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Applications for admission to the University of Massachusetts Medical School are submitted on-line through the American Medical College Application Service. (AMCAS).   Applications are accepted between June 1 and November 1 of the year prior to admission. The deadline for completion of the application is December 15.

Applicants are encouraged to apply early!

AMCAS requires 4-6 weeks to verify applications. Submission of applications to AMCAS by the November 1 deadline does not guarantee that your application will be verified in time to be complete by our December 15 deadline. Extensions will not be granted for late applications.

The Admissions Committee will review an application only when complete, with all supporting documents, as described below:

  • The completed and verified AMCAS application.
    • Use of third parties, companies or professional services for writing personal statements is strongly discouraged and considered a breach of ethical conduct. Contracting with such services would not be considered compatible with ethical standards in the practice of medicine.

  • Letters of Recommendation:

    • Applicants should send all letters of recommendation directly to AMCAS who will forward the letters to our office electronically. AMCAS will accept letters from users of VirtualEvals, Interfolio, and via the US Postal System. If your letters are being transmitted to the admission committee by your undergraduate advising office, it is possible that office is using VirtualEvals. Once your letters are posted to VirtualEvals, they will be downloaded by AMCAS and made available to us. If you have a question about whether or not your advising office uses VirtualEvals, please contact your undergraduate advising office.

    • The address to which letters should be mailed will appear on the AMCAS Letter Request Form. For more information on this process, please visit AMCAS Letters FAQ. An official recommendation from the applicant's pre-medical advisory committee is required. In the event that such documentation is not provided by the applicant's school, two letters of recommendation  may be provided from instructors in the prerequisite science courses. Letters of recommendation from commercial advisors are discouraged and are not a substitute for this requirement.
  • MCAT exam results.  See (MCAT policies)
  • UMMS Supplemental application forms. Upon receipt of the AMCAS verified application, applicants are sent an email with directions for completing the on-line secondary form:
    • Supplemental Form
    • Phd Information Release Authorization (for applicants to the MD/Phd program only).
    • Residency Validation Form (on-line). Applicants to the regular MD program must declare Massachusetts as their state of legal residence on their AMCAS application. Anyone seeking to enroll in the University of Massachusetts Medical School who has not graduated from a Massachusetts High School is required to provide proof of continuous residency for a period of not less than five years immediately prior to enrollment. Applicants may be asked to provide tax returns to document their MA residency. Applicants must also be U.S.citizens or permanent residents. Application to the MD/Phd program is NOT restricted to Massachusetts residents.
    • Technical Standards Acknowledgement
    • Off-Site Survey
  • MD program applicants must submit a non-refundable $100 application fee.  Payment must be submitted as personal check, bank check or money order mailed to the admissions office. Please enter your AMCAS ID# on your check. We are unable to accept on-line payments at this time. This fee is waived for MD/Phd program applicants. We will waive our $100 application fee if you are granted an AMCAS fee waiver.  Please email or FAX (508-856-3629) a copy of your AMCAS fee waiver confirmation to us.
  • Transcripts of courses taken after completion of AMCAS application: Once the verified application has been processed by AMCAS and received by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, any additional transcripts for subsequent course work should be forwarded directly to the Admissions Office of the University of Massachusetts Medical School for as long as the application remains active.

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Applicants will be able to view an on-line check list to view if applications are complete or which items have not been received. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all required documents are received.


The Admissions Committee is composed of faculty members representing various disciplines from the basic and clinical sciences and two medical students. Committee members carefully review each application and all enclosed information provided by or on behalf of the applicant. The University adheres strictly to all applicable state and federal regulations relating to non-discrimination and equal opportunity.

Once complete, each application is reviewed by the Admissions Committee and a decision is made regarding the offer of an interview. An interview is required for acceptance and interviews are conducted in Worcester at the invitation of the committee.