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With the exception of the Early Decision Plan, (refer to section on Early Decision-link), acceptances will be offered beginning in October and periodically thereafter until May.  Applicants selected for admission will be notified by email and a letter from the Admissions Committee and will be expected to either accept or reject this offer within two weeks. In exceptional circumstances, applicants may be granted an additional two weeks to respond to the Committee's offer.   

Applicants are offered a provisional acceptance and are subject to a criminal background check (CBC). If the CBC reveals some prior contact with the criminal justice system, the applicant will be offered a full opportunity to respond. Provisional acceptances may (or may not) be withdrawn pending the school's review of that history and the applicant's response. The school has a process which governs these matters.
All incoming medical students will be required to own a Medical School approved laptop computer and bring it to class on a regular basis. Your laptop will be essential for accessing the learning management system, virtual microscopy, reviewing digitally captured lectures, computer based testing and more.  Details regarding purchase of your laptop will be sent to you at the time of your acceptance. 

The UMMS School of Medicine requires completion of the Student Health Clearance form prior to matriculation.  It is imperative that the form be finalized prior to the start of classes since clinical work begins early in the first year.  Without completion of the form documenting immunity to contagious diseases, first year students could be restricted from clinical experiences.  For more information please visit Student Health Services

Once all places in the class have been filled, the remaining applicants will be so notified. Thereafter, a list of alternates will be prepared. In the event that an enrolled student withdraws prior to matriculation, a replacement will be selected from the list of alternates. An applicant placed on the alternate list will be so informed and requested to indicate whether s/he wishes to remain on the wait list.

An applicant who initially accepts a place and later decides to withdraw will be expected to inform the Office of Admissions promptly so that another candidate may be offered a position.