Provisional Acceptance Process for BaccMD Medical Scholars 

All UMass undergraduate students are invited to participate in the BaccMD Program.

All UMass Undergraduates are invited to attend the 
Annual UMass BaccMD Spring Symposium
March 26, 2016

UMass Sophomore Year - Application to the UMass Medical Scholars Program

The selection of UMass applicants to the Medical Scholars Program supports the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine (SOM) diversity goals and the SOM educational mission that includes a school of medicine student body that will contribute to a diverse health care work force to serve the needs of the commonwealth, with a focus on primary care and underserved communities.

Eligibility for this program includes the following:
1) Representatives from racial or ethnic group under-represented in medicine (URIM) in Massachusetts*
2) Economically disadvantaged students according to federal guidelines (http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/index.cfm)
3) First generation four year college graduate (parents or guardians are not 4 year college graduates)

Students apply to be Medical Scholars in late fall of their Sophomore year. They complete an application similar to the AMCAS medical school application that includes:

  • On-line application 
  • Personal statement
  • Description of personal background and educational history
  • Description of volunteer experiences
  • Transcripts from required courses 
  • Letter of recommendation from undergraduate premed advisor

The BaccMD Joint Admission Committee selects accepted students and identifies alternates.
Medical Scholars are required to participate in the Summer Enrichment I (SEP I) Program during the summer between sophomore and junior years and Second Summer Experience (SSE) during the summer between junior and senior years.  Both sessions are held on the UMASS Worcester campus. 

UMass Junior Year - Medical Scholars Apply for Provisional Acceptance to the SOM

  • When fall transcripts become available in January, Medical Scholars can apply for provisional acceptance to the SOM.
  • Students will enhance their previously submitted application with grades from the previous 2 semesters, letter of recommendation from the SEP I program, and descriptions of new volunteer or work experiences.
  • Applications will be presented to the SOM Admissions Committee for a vote of provisional acceptance.
  • Medical Scholars will complete the Second Summer Experience (SSE) Program. 

UMass Senior Year - Medical Scholars with Provisional Acceptance Apply Early Decision (ED)

  • Students submit a complete AMCAS application through the ED process.
  • Students will participate in the MMI with other ED applicants.
  • All students who satisfy the conditions of admission to the School of Medicine from the Medical Scholars Program will be presented to the SOM Admissions Committee as Early Decision applicants for a vote for acceptance to the SOM.
  • Medical Scholars who decide not to apply ED forfeit provisional acceptance, but can apply to the SOM with the general pool of applicants.

*The following groups should be designated as under-represented in medicine for Massachusetts

  • Among Latinos/Hispanics - Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and Central Americans (Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador)  
  • Among Asian and Pacific Islanders – Cambodians, Hmong, Laotians and Vietnamese
  • Black/African Americans
  • Portuguese, Cape Verdeans and Brazilians
  • Native Americans and Alaskan Natives

** Courses required before admission to Medical Scholars Program

  • College English or Equivalent-1 year
  • General (Inorganic) Chemistry w/lab -1 year
  • Organic Chemistry-at least 1 semester
  • Introductory Biology w/lab -1 year
  • Calculus is strongly recommended

Please email BaccMD@umassmed.edu with any questions or concerns.


Book Club Announcements

Please note the Book Club Meeting for June has been pushed back to July.

Book of the month for July is "Blood", by Douglas Starr.

July Book Club Meeting (TBA)

Book of the month for August is "Unbroken", by Laura Hillenbrand.


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