Ursula Dräger, M.D.Ursula Dräger, M.D.

Faculty Appointment:

UMass Medical School Department of Psychiatry

Academic Background

M.D., University of Tübingen, Germany, 1969
Dr.Med., University of Göttingen, Germany,1970 (Dissertation in medicine)

Research Interests

Dr. Dräger's long-term interests lie in the basic mechanisms that cause complex brain diseases in humans. Because the mouse was emerging as the closest experimental species for research into the genetic basis of human brain disorders, she initially established electrophysiological investigations of the murine visual system. With neurophysiological, cell-biological and molecular techniques she and her colleagues analyzed visual development and function in a range of genetic and environmental brain abnormalities for the mouse. After discovering enzymes that synthesize retinoic acid in the eye, her group embarked on the characterization of the Vitamin A system. Vitamin A, or retinol, is an essential nutrient; its derivative retinaldehyde forms the light-sensitive molecule of the retina for vision, and its derivative retinoic acid regulates gene expression; about a sixth of the human genome is estimated to be regulated by retinoic acid. Dr. Dräger’s group studied the characteristics of retinoic-acid actions in the developing mouse brain. Because information on complete genomes is now available, which allows extrapolating data between species, the charting of differential gene expression at sites of retinoic-acid actions in the mouse can be integrated via genomic data banks with results from different techniques in other species. For instance, the cerebral cortex of mice is organized into pervasive domains of differential gene expression all along sites of elevated retinoic-acid levels. These domains correspond anatomically to part of the default mode network and an associated anti-correlated network in the human cortex, an intriguing concept currently emerging in psychiatry. The mouse data seem to provide the gene-expression information for the fMRI-based functional organization in the human cortex.

Contact information:
Phone: (781) 642-0174
E-mail: Ursula.Drager@umassmed.edu

Selected Publications

Dräger U.C. (1971) Empirische Untersuchung über die soziale Mobilität chronischer Alkoholiker. Inaugural-Dissertation, Medizinische Fakultät der Universität Göttingen.


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