LEND Capstone Leadership Projects

During the course of the year, each Fellow in the Advanced Leadership program pursues an area of particular personal interest through a yearlong LEND Capstone Leadership Project.

The focus of the project work is on an issue in the field of disability/special health care needs and systems change. Understanding the issues that concern families, individuals, agencies serving them, and their communities provides the basis upon which to learn how programs and policies affect families, to identify the gaps that exist in programs and service systems, and to understand what families or adults need in order to be successful.

This is an opportunity to use all the material from fellows' LEND and Suffolk courses, as relevant, in analyzing the issue and developing a set of recommendations for resolution and/or administering the project itself.

Fellows develop:
  1. A set of recommendations/suggestions in response to the particular problem that families or individuals with developmental disabilities face for alleviating the problem
  2. An implementation plan for using the recommendations
  3. Putting the plan into practice by launching the project itself (optional).

We are proud to share information on past LEND Capstone Leadership projects at the links below. All documents are pdficonsmall pdfs.

Class of 2010

Class of 2009

Class of 2008

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