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Shriver Center Spotlight UCEDD Newsletter

The Shriver Center Spotlight is published biannually by the UMass Medical School/E.K. Shriver.

Each issue of the Shriver Center Spotlight highlights the research, community initiatives, disability education and training efforts, and related resources, information and news. We hope the Shriver Center Spotlight will appeal to a wide audience of individuals, family members, professionals, community organizations, state agencies, university centers, and others interested in the developmental disabilities field.

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Volume 6, Issue 1

Functional Communication (Double Issue)


  • PACSMAN Software Project: The Future of Picture-Aided Communication for Individuals with I/DD
  • CAMEL Mobile Laboratory Assists in Growing Recruitment for Research Studies
  • CDDER Co-Hosts Be Aware-Take Care Training with Massachusetts DDS
  • Communication Through Facial Expression Focus of Two Studies
  • Face Processing Study Examines the Whole Picture
  • Perspective: Foundations Study Family Reflects on Experience
  • Spotlight on: Resources for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • AAC Communication as Essential Tool for Consumer Advisory Council Member
  • Illuminati Faculty Profile on Teresa V. Mitchell, PhD
  • E.K. Shriver LEND Fellows for 2012-2013
  • New Feature! Snapshot: Departmental Updates at the Shriver Center
  • Opportunities: Participation in Initiatives
  • Focus on Faculty
  • Discovering Behavioral Intervention: A Parent's Interactive Guide to Applied Behavior Analysis

Volume 5, Issue 1

Siblings of People with Disabilities


  • Massachusetts Sibling Support Network: Supporting Siblings of People with Disabilities
  • Early Sibling Support Groups Held At Shriver Center Helped Shape LABBB Executive Director
  • Faculty Reflect on their Siblings' Impact on their Professional Careers
  • LEND Fellows Share Perspectives on Siblings
  • E.K. Shriver LEND Fellows for 2011-2012
  • Sibling Support Demonstration Project Promotes Family-Centered Mental Health Care
  • Shriver Center LEND Alumni Speak at 2012 Haitian Health Conference
  • Illuminati Faculty Profile on Jean A. Frazier, MD
  • Spotlight on: Resources to Support Siblings of People With Disabilities

Volume 4, Issues 1 & 2

Community-Based Participatory Research (Double Issue)


  • Community Participation Ignited the "SPARC" to Studying Physical Activity Promotion in Youth with ASDs
  • CBPR is the Community: SPARC CAB Melded Personal and Professional Expertise
  • Parent Cynthia Reed Gets to the "Heart" of Her Son's Participation in SPARC
  • Spotlight on: Resources for Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR)
  • Illuminati Faculty Profile on Richard K. Fleming, PhD
  • E.K. Shriver LEND Fellows for 2010-2011
  • Alexandra Bonardi Named CDDER Director
  • Fleming Receives Online Training Grant In Special Needs Dentistry
  • Gabovitch Named Massachusetts Act Early Ambassador
  • UMMS Shriver Center LEND Grant Renewed Through 2016
  • Shriver Center/UMMS To Develop Online Training for Health Care First Responders
  • New England INDEX Announces Launch of Autism Insurance Resource Center
  • UMMS-Shriver Center Holds Conference On Autism Spectrum Disorders

Volume 3, Issue 1

Safety for People with Disabilities


  • Creating a "Culture of Emergency Preparedness" for People in Massachusetts
  • A Look Back at the Origin of Risk Management for People with Disabilities
  • Perspective: Staff Writer Patrick Gleason Participates in HAZMAT Emergency Preparedness Drill
  • A Call to Leadership: Self-Advocate Nate Trull
  • CDDER's Falls Reduction Pilot Study: Details Make the Difference
  • Illuminati Faculty Profile on Steven D. Staugaitis, PhD
  • E.K. Shriver LEND Fellows for 2009-2010
  • Risk Management in New Zealand: Ian Axford Public Policy Fellow Alexandra Bonardi
  • ARICA Passage Mandates Insurance for Autism Services in MA

Volume 2, Issue 1

International Outreach


  • International Program Gets Boost: Cost-Sharing from Brazil
  • Collaborative Research on Lead Poisoning in Children in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador
  • Illuminati Faculty Profile on William J. McIlvane, PhD
  • Special Olympics International: Broadening Access to Healthcare for Athletes Worldwide
  • Asenze and Mpilonhle Projects: Making it Happen in South Africa
  • Perspective: A Voice for the Southeast Asian Community – Sidney Liang, MPA
    Two International Fellowship Students “Lend” Insights from their Native Countries
  • Bringing Behavioral Healthcare to Puerto Rico: Luis Caraballo, PsyD
  • Disability Studies Down Under: Alexandra Bonardi’s Ian Axford Public Policy Fellowship
  • Creating Access Abroad: Sue Wolf-Fordham’s Intrepid Work in Ukraine & Israel
  • Spotlight on International Disability Resources

Volume 1, Issue 2

Current and Emerging Technologies


  • Technology at the Shriver Center
  • In Memoriam: Shriver Center Co-founder Raymond D. Adams, MA, MD
  • CANS Large-Scale Mental Health Training Program
  • Spotlight on Technology Resources
  • Illuminati: Faculty Profile of Richard W. Serna, PhD
  • Shriver Center 2008-2009 LEND Fellows
  • Focus on Shriver Center Faculty
  • Prestigious Sloan-C Award for Outstanding Online Learning Program
  • Team Shriver Raises over $7,800 for 2008 UMMS Walk to Cure Cancer

Volume 1, Issue 1

Premiere Issue! Health Promotion and Disability


  • Shriver Center Studies on Childhood Obesity
  • UMMS/Shriver Center Health and Wellness Promotion Initiatives
  • Program at 2007 Special Olympics in Shanghai
  • Challenges to a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Spotlight on Health Promotion Resources
  • Illuminati: Faculty Profile on Linda Bandini, PhD, RD
  • Shriver Center 2007-08 LEND Fellows
  • Focus on Shriver Center Faculty
  • New Grant to Study Mercury Exposure in Brazil