SEP Health Disparities Projects

2013 SEP Research Projects

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 /uploadedImages/schoolservices/Pre-Matriculation_Programs/Summer_Enrichment_Programs/Alzheimer's - Bersabel, Cassandra, Daniel, Veronica_Page_01.jpg
Alzheimers - By Bersabel Wondimageghnu,Cassandra Ferragamo, Daniel Jazwinski & Veronica Pace

 /uploadedImages/schoolservices/Pre-Matriculation_Programs/Summer_Enrichment_Programs/Cardiovascular Disease - Abuchi, Alex, Haydy, Jacqueline, Mellisa_Page_01.jpg
Cardiovascular Disease- By Abuchi Agu, Alex Bogdan, Haydy George, Jacqueline Tran & Mellisa Deandrade

 /uploadedImages/schoolservices/Pre-Matriculation_Programs/Summer_Enrichment_Programs/Oral Heal - Amy, Britiany, Donna, Obi, Shaun_Page_01.jpg
Oral Health- By Amy Merino, Britiany Browning, Donna Nguyen, Obinna Ndugba & Shaun Polissack

 /uploadedImages/schoolservices/Pre-Matriculation_Programs/Summer_Enrichment_Programs/Asthma - Dawilmer, Debbie, Elias, Tianna_Page_01.jpg
Asthma- By Dawilmer Castillo, Debbie Tschong, Elias Nammour & Tianna Ratliff 


/uploadedImages/schoolservices/Pre-Matriculation_Programs/Summer_Enrichment_Programs/Infant Mortality - Anthony, Christine, Kathryn, Luiza_Page_01.jpg

Infant Mortality-Anthony Tran, Christine Darko, Kathryn Silva-Brow & Luiza Korobkova




SEP Testimonials

2013 Summer Enrichment Program Participants

Amazing! It was so cool to witness the state of the art equipment we may one day be working with and how it can certainly improve clinical practices.”

“Helped give insights on primary care and heightened my interests in primary care. Also gave insight on how primary care does not limit you and has more to offer than one thinks.”

“I really liked Dr. Garcia’s presentation, she was very informative and stressed establishing a network of support to succeed.”

“Overall , the program helped me identify my weaknesses and strengths. After this program I know what is required of me to get to medical school.”

“Was a wonderful, eye opening experience that helped me see exactly what I need to work on to get on the right track for medicine.”

Former SEP Participant
Bency Loiudor

More testimonials to come!