Guidelines for Disability Documentation

These guidelines are designed to assist your clinician in preparing documentation of your disability to help determine the appropriate accommodation. Please forward documentation that meets these guidelines to the School Services Office.

  • Documentation must be provided by a clinician qualified to diagnose in the appropriate area of specialization.
  • Documentation must be on letterhead, typed, dated, and have an original signature.
  • Documentation is based on a current evaluation (usually within three years) and historical documents.
  • Documentation must include:
  1. A description of the functional limitations resulting from the disability.
  2. A description of current treatments and assistive devices and technologies with estimated effectiveness in ameliorating the impact of the disability.
  3. Clear support of the direct link to and need for the requested accommodation(s).


Guidelines for a Learning Disability Documentation

You must submit documentation of a diagnosis of a learning disability.

Recommended psycho-educational evaluations include:

  1. The Wechsler Intelligence Scale (WAIS-R or WISC-R), including sub-scale scores.
  2. Standardized achievement tests:
    • Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-educational Battery
    • Stanford Achievement Test
    • California Achievement Test
    • Metropolitan Achievement Test
    • Iowa Test of Basic Skills
    • SPA Achievement Series

Additionally, you must document a history of this condition( K-12 IEP's, college accommodations, etc.)