Tenth Annual Worcester Regional Middle School Science and Engineering Fair

The Tenth Annual Worcester Regional Middle School Science and Engineering Fair was held Wednesday, May 6, 2009 in Alden Hall at WPI in Worcester. Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at WPI hosted the event and it was open to students in grades 6 through 8. All participants came prepared with outstanding projects and greatly impressed the judges. Winners from the Regional Fair are invited to take part in the State Fair, which will be held on June 6th at Worcester Technical High School. Please visit http://www.scifair.com/ for details.

2009 Worcester Regional Middle School Science and Engineering Fair Winners:

Grand Prize (Genzyme Award)
Clara Wang, Arpitha Hayes "The effect of changing the shape of the guitar’s body"
First Place
Anvita Hanchate "Super Soakers"  
Second Place
Akanksh Chaudhary "Hydrogen! A Ray of Hope"
Steven Homberg "Whatever floats your hovercraft: Hovercraft skirt height’s effect on speed, hover height, and strength"
Paul Friedman "Magical Magnetism"
Kareem Abdelkader, Fatima Vakil "Which shape of Blade is most effective for wind turbine?"
Meghan Cashin, Kristen Sauer "Solid Ground?"
Emma Fortier "Common Explosion"
Mark Sullivan "Viscosity Curiosity"
Emma Keates "Baking Powder Gives Pancakes Power"
Kaitlin McGahie, Lauren Barakian "Measuring Voltage"
Yusuf Abdelkader "Which pain reliever has a higher solubility rate, brand name or generic name?"
Sneha Chaturvedula "Beware of Glucose!Are you eating what you think you are eating?"
Jem Sibbick "It’s liquid ice"
Rocco DiVerdi "Wondrous Wings"
Third Place
Chris Lang "Clean, green, energy machine"
Brian Nardone "The Angle of flight Melican Middle School"
Christopher Gheorghiu "Low-key 3D: Homemade 3D scanner"
Kara Kennedy "BLAST: Boat Launch Assisted by Steam Technology"
Jessica Chang "Monsters Inc.-The Power of Sound"
Filia Van Dessel, Osi Van Dessel "The effects of barriers hindering the impact of a tsunami on the human population and environment"
Harriet Holmes, Alexandra Cronin "The effects of surface area on the efficiency of solar ovens"
Ben Rutan "Shocking Absorbers"
Dylan McDonough "Parachute Presentation"
Ryan Kennedy "Shifting Concentration: A study in osmosis"
Mandy Abend "A whole lot of rot"
Sonali Razdan "Greenhouse Effect"
Fourth Place
Hannah Carroll "How does temperature affect the reaction time of alka-seltzer?"
Samantha Myette "The effect of household products on purple grape juice stain"
Grizelle DeSouza "Tower of Power"
Rahi Punjabi "Extracting DNA from different sources"
Vicky Trei "The effect of different liquids on the drying time and texture of watercolors"
Kate Burgess "The science of pole vaulting"
Peter Schwaim "Water Fight: What water temperature is right?"
Sumayyah Ahmed "Stroop Effect"
Kayla Penniman "How well do plants grow in different types of soil?"
Alexa Deraney, Nina Freedman "Does music affect learning or not?"
Hira Unar "What is your learning style?"
Kerry Kupcinskas, Sadie Zbikowski "Salty ice cubes"
Eni Nano "Is it possible to construct a model plant using the Fibonacci number series and golden ratio?"