Research Funding Services

Research Funding Services (RFS) supports faculty and staff as an information resource on all aspects of research administration from idea to award.  We provide assistance in locating sources of funding, reviewing and approving proposals, negotiating grants and contracts, and development and dissemination of institutional policies related to research administration.  

Please contact us at 508.856.2119 or

Recent Presentations

March 31, 2014
Brown Bag Presentation
January 29, 2014
Brown Bag Presentation
  •  NIH Update:
    • NIH Notice NOT-OD-14-043 (Salary Cap & Continuing Resolution)
    • RPPR Update
    • ASSIST Update
    • Biosketches/Other Support Training
    • Revised Grants Policy Statement (10/2013)
  • Federal Omni Circular - Final Rule published 12/26/2013
  • RFS Forms/Tools Update
    • Revision to budgeting spreadsheet (tuition/fees)
    • MTDC and TDC bases
  • Upcoming Cayuse Webinars
  • Research Administration Training Program Upcoming Courses
  • Proposal & Progress Report Statistics


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