Staff Directory

The following telephone and email directory is of the UMass Medical School’s Office of the Research personnel. You may email individuals by clicking on their name.


Office of Research

Jean King, PhD Associate Provost for Biomedical Science Research
Thoru Pederson, PhD Associate Vice Provost for Research 508-856-8667
Geraldine Davis Administrative Assistant II 508-856-5967
Fax: 508-856-5004

UMass Center for Clinical & Translational Science

Katherine Luzuriaga, MD Director, UMCCTS; Co-Director, T1-Bench-Bedside Research, UMCCTS; Associate Provost, Global Health; Professor of Pediatrics and Program in Molecular Medicine 508-856-2464
Nathaniel Hafer, PhD Director of Operations, UMass Center for Clinical & Translational Sciences 508-856-2511
Sumner Smith Grants & Contracts Specialist 508-856-1951
Wanda DePasquale Administrative Coordinator II 508-856-2464
Fax: 508-856-3725

Clinical Research

Margaret J. Koziel, MD Senior Director, Clinical Research 508-856-2319 
Meg Johnson, JD, CIP Director, Clinical Research 508-856-5152
Marsha Fox, MS, RN Clinical Research Operations Manager 508-856-8981
Kathryn Beauregard Clinical Contracts Administrator III 508-856-2509
Michael Brennan Clinical Contracts Administrator II 508-856-6582
Teresa Sousa, MSN, CCRC Quality Improvement Manager 508-856-1960

Investigational Pharmacists

Gopal Patil, RPh Investigational Pharmacist 774-443-8667

Human Subjects

Michael Centola, MHS, CIP IRB Manager 508-856-5324
Allison Blodgett, PhD IRB Assistant Manager 508-856-4271
Michelle Ferretti, CIM, CIP IRB Protocol Specialist 508-856-1962
Sarah Saliba, BA IRB Protocol Specialist 508-856-1926
Andrea Robinson, CIP IRB Protocol Specialist 508-856-1573
Joann Jean-Baptiste IRB Coordinator 508-856-8092

Clinical Trials Unit: Ambulatory Care Center - First Floor

Celia Hartigan, RN, MPH Clinical Trials Unit Manager 508-856-3676
Carol Ciccarelli, RN Research Nurse II 508-856-2828
Karen Gallagher-Dorval Research Nurse II 508-856-2908
Bernadette Shaw Research Nurse II 508-856-2800
Mary McNamara Administrative Assistant 508-856-2800

Research Funding

Diego Vazquez Assistant Vice Provost, Research Funding Services 508-856-5600
Janice Lagacé Associate Director 508-856-8980
Jason L. Brown Senior Sponsored Programs Administrator/Team Lead 508-856-6092
Tammy LeBlanc Senior Sponsored Programs Administrator/Team Lead
Pamala Harney Sponsored Programs Administrator II
Jim LeBlanc  Sponsored Programs Administrator II 508-856-6073
Heather Morello Sponsored Programs Administrator I 508-856-6160
Andrea Sjostedt Sponsored Programs Administrator I 508-856-4407
Karen Gardiner Document Coordinator 508-856-2119


Samuel Varghese, PhD Director of IACUC & IBC 508-856-5416
Chieko Azuma, PhD IACUC Protocol Specialist 508-856-1940
Angela Muise IACUC Coordinator 508-856-5384
Susan White IBC Administrative Assistant 508-856-2563

Research Core Administration

Susanna Perkins, MS Director, Research Cores and Operations 508-856-8255
Dennis Rosencrance Core Accountant 508-856-1010
Linda Henrie Staff Accountant 508-856-8232
 Elaine Fafard Inventory Coordinator  508-856-1745


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