Radiological Physics - Research Mission

The Radiological Physics Laboratory has a long history of innovation and leadership in research and development of new methods and devices for radiological imaging. The group is best known for its contributions to the development of digital mammography for needle core biopsy and also on the clinical deployment of full-field digital mammography. Current topics of research include:

  • Investigation of the physical characteristics and optimization of dedicated breast computed tomography
  • Investigation of the role of 3D tomography in breast cancer detection and management
  • Optimization of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
  • Low-cost detector technology for digital x-ray imaging
  • Integrated dual-modality imaging (X-ray & Diffuse Optical Tomography; X-ray & microwave imaging) in breast cancer detection and diagnosis
  • Mathematical modeling of x-ray detector performance

  • Role of x-ray contrast agents in imaging of neoplastic angiogenesis

  • Development of phase contrast breast imaging