Grants and Awards (Active Funding)

R01 CA140400 (Glick-PI)
Development of a Photon Counting Detector for CT Breast Imaging
Tomographic x-ray imaging dedicated to imaging of the breast can potentially improve the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer by providing radiologists with 3D images of the breast. This research proposes to develop an improved, innovative detector system for breast CT imaging.

R21 CA134128-01A2 (Glick/Karellas-PIs)
Role of 3D Tomography in Breast Cancer
Volumetric 3-D imaging with a dedicated breast CT system has the potential to be an effective tool for monitoring therapeutic treatments and can overcome the tissue superposition problem in mammography, which results in missed cancers and unnecessary recall of the patient for additional imaging. In this research, we propose to conduct a clinical feasibility study with a prototype breast CT system and develop and evaluate methods to improve contrast that could result in improved detection, diagnosis, and management of breast cancer.