Nuclear Medicine Physics - Grants and Awards

1. NIH, No R01-EB01457, Patient Motion Detection and Compensation in SPECT. M. A. King, PI, 6/1/03-5/31/09. 

2. NIH, No. R01-HL50349, Improved Accuracy for SPECT Cardiac Perfusion Imaging. M. A. King, PI, 7/15/04-6/30/09. 

3. NIH, No RO1-HL65425, 4D and 5D image reconstruction for cardiac SPECT. M.N. Wernick, P.I. at Illinois Institute of Technology, M.A. King, P.I. on subcontract, 12/1/2004-11/30/2009. 

4. Philips Medical Systems, Joint Work on Motion Correction and Assessment of Image Quality by Task Performance, M. A. King. PI, 4/1/07-3/31/10.  Abstract not available. 

5. NIH, No R01-EB002798, Digital Restoration of SPECT Images for Tumor Detection. M.A. King, PI, 5/1/07-4/30/2011. 

6. NIH, No RO1-HL091017, New class of observers for Nuclear Cardiology. Jovan G Brankov, P.I. at Illinois Institute of Technology, P Hendrik Pretorius, P.I. on subcontract, 03/15/2008-02/28/2013.

7. NIH, No R21-HL102574, Design and Simulation of a Novel High Performance Cardiac SPECT Camera. Joyoni Dey, PI, 01/15/2011 - 11/30/2012.

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