T.J. Fitzgerald, M.D

Medical School

1980 M.D. University of Massachusetts Medical School


1981-1984 Harvard Medical School


1984 American Board of Radiology

Academic Appointment

Professor, Department Chairman

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

  • C. S. Mayo, L. Ding, A. Addesa, S. Kadish, T.J. Fitzgerald, R. MoserInitial Experience with Volumetric IMRT (RapidArc) for Intracranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery, (Accepted for publication in IJORBP, 10/2009)
  • Marks LB, Cirrincione C, Fitzgerald TJ, Laurie F, Glicksman AS, Vredenburgh J, Prosnitz LR, Shpall EJ, Crump M, Richardson PG, Schuster MW, Ma J, Peterson BL, Norton L, Seagren S, Craig Henderson I, Hurd DD, Peters WP; for the Cancer and Leukemia Group B, Southwest Oncology Group, National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group. Impact of High-Dose Chemotherapy on the Ability to Deliver Subsequent Local-Regional Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer: Analysis of Cancer and Leukemia Group B Protocol 9082. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. Sep 9. [Epub ahead of print]. 2009
  • Trimble EL, Abrams JS, Meyer RM, Calvo F, Cazap E, Deye J, Eisenhauer E, Fitzgerald TJ, Lacombe D, Parmar M, Seibel N, Shankar L, Swart AM, Therasse P, Vikram B, von Frenckell R, Friedlander M, Fujiwara K, Kaplan RS, Meunier F. Improving Cancer Outcomes Through International Collaboration in Academic Cancer Treatment Trials. J Clin Oncol. Epub ahead of print. PMC Journal- In process. 2009
  • Shankar LK, Van den Abbeele A, Yap J, Benjamin R, Scheutze S, Fitzgerald TJ. Considerations for the use of imaging tools for phase II treatment trials in oncology. Clin Cancer Res. 15(6):1891-7. 2009
  • Laprise NK, Hanusik R, Fitzgerald TJ, Rosen N, White KS. Developing a multi-institutional PACS archive and designing processes to manage the shift from a film to a digital-based archive. J Digit Imaging. 22(1):15-24. 2009
  • Wang T, Alavian MR, Goel HL, Languino LR, Fitzgerald TJ. Bicalutamide inhibits androgen-mediated adhesion of prostate cancer cells exposed to ionizing radiation. Prostate. 68(16):1734-42. 2008
  • Fitzgerald TJ, Wang T, Goel HL, Huang J, Stein G, Lian J, Davis RJ, Doxsey S, Balaji KC, Aronowitz J, Languino LR. Prostate carcinoma and radiation therapy: therapeutic treatment resistance and strategies for targeted therapeutic intervention. Expert Rev Anticancer Ther. 8(6):967-74. Review. 2008
  • Fitzgerald TJ, Jodoin MB, Tillman G, Aronowitz J, Pieters R, Balducci S, Meyer J, Cicchetti MG, Kadish S, McCauley S, Sawicka J, Urie M, Lo YC, Mayo C, Ulin K, Ding L, Britton M, Huang J, Arous E. Radiation therapy toxicity to the skin. Dermatol Clin.26 (1):161-72, ix. Review. 2008
  • Bogart JA, Watson D, McClay EF, Evans L, Herndon JE, Laurie F, Seagren SL, Fitzgerald TJ, Vokes E, Green MR. Interruptions of once-daily thoracic radiotherapy do not correlate with outcomes in limited stage small cell lung cancer: Analysis of CALGB phase III trial 9235. Lung Cancer. 62(1):92-8. 2008
  • Mayo CS, Urie MM, Fitzgerald TJ, Ding L, Lo YC, Bogdanov M. Hybrid IMRT for Treatment of Cancers of the Lung and Esophagus. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 71(5):1408-18. 2008
  • Miralbell R, Fitzgerald TJ, Laurie F, Kessel S, Glicksman A, Friedman HS, Urie M, Kepner JL, Zhou T, Chen Z, Barnes P, Kun L, Tarbell NJ.. Radiotherapy in Pediatric Medulloblastoma: Quality Assessment of Pediatric Oncology Group Trial 9031, Int J Rad Oncol Biol Phys. 64(5):1325-30. 2006
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  • Mayo CS, Urie M, Fitzgerald TJ. Hybrid IMRT Plans-Concurrently Treating Conventional and IMRT Beams – for Improved Breast Irradiation and Reduced Planning Time, Int J Rad Oncol Bio Phys, 61 (3):922-32. 2005
  • Reznik J, Cicchetti MG, Degaspe B, Fitzgerald TJ. Analysis of axillary coverage during tangential radiation therapy to the breast, Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 1;61(1):163-8. 2005
  • Sartor CI, Peterson BL, Woolf S, Fitzgerald TJ, Laurie F, Turrisi AJ, Bogart J, Henderson IC, Norton L. Effect of addition of adjuvant Paclitaxel on radiotherapy delivery and locoregional control of node-positive breast cancer: cancer and leukemia group B 9344, J Clin Oncol, 1;23(1):30-40. 2005
  • Fitzgerald TJ, Simon E, Meyer J. Prostate carcinoma: opportunities for translational research, J Cell Biochem, 91(3):433-42, Review. 2004
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  • Urie M, Lo YC, Litofsky S, Fitzgerald TJ. Miniature multileaf collimator (MMLC) as an alternative to traditional circular collimators for stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic radiotherapy. Stereotact Funct Neurosurg 76:47-62. 2001
  • Lo YC, Yasuda G, Fitzgerald TJ, Urie M. Intensity modulation for breast treatment using static multi-leaf collimators, Int J Rad Onc Bio Phys 46:187-94. 2000
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Books, Chapters and Monographs

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