Joanna Sawicka

Medical School

1972, MB Ch.B. University of Birmingham, UK


1976-1978, Dana Farber Cencer Institute, Medical Oncology
1978-1980, Joint Center for Radiation Therapy
1980-1982, Massachusetts General Hospital, Radiation Medicine


1979, American Board of Internal Medicine
1982, American Board of Radiology

Academic Appointment

Associate Professor

Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

  • Harris JR, Sawicka J, Gelman R, Hellman S: Management of locally advanced carcinoma of the breast by primary radiation therapy. Int J Radiat Onocol Bio Phys 1983; 9: 345-9.
  • Lindfors KK, Meyer JE, Busse PM, Kopans DB, Munzenrider JE, Sawicka JM: CT evaluation of local and regional breast cancer recurrence. Am J Rad 1985;145:833-837.
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  • Lee PC, Sawicka JM, Glasgow GP: Patient dosimetry quality assurance program with a commercial diode system. Int J Radiat Onocol Bio Phys 1994; 29:1175-1182.

Book Chapters

  • Sawicka J, Dawson DM, Blum R: Neurologic aspects of the treatment of cancer. In (Tyler HR, Dawson D, eds): Current Neurology Vol I. Boston: Houghton Mifflin 1978:301-335.