Instructions for Use of Inhaler

Current research studies on the use of inhalers have demonstrated that the following method of administration provides the best absorption of the medication. This may differ from the package insert. We prefer that you use our method.

  1. Assemble your inhaler and remove the cap.
  2. Sit down.
  3. Shake your inhaler well.
  4. Hold inhaler upright.
  5. Open your mouth wide. Hold inhaler one to two fingers in front of your mouth. Do not close your lips around inhaler.
  6. At the end of a normal breath out, begin breathing in slowly, but steadily. Just after starting this breath in, firmly press the canister down into the mouthpiece to release the medicine for inhalation. As the medicine is being released, continue to breathe in for five seconds or until you cannot breathe in anymore. Close your mouth and hold your breath for 10 seconds (or as long as possible), then breathe normally.
  7. You should wait at least 1-2 minutes before taking a second inhalation. You may get more benefit from your inhaled bronchodilator by waiting 10-15 minutes between the 2 puffs (if you have time).
  8. Cleaning: Once a day, remove the metal canister and rinse the plastic case and cap in warm, running water. Dry thoroughly and replace the canister into the case with a twisting motion and replace the cap.
  9. Special Instructions: Do not exceed the dose prescribed by your physician. If you feel that you are not obtaining adequate relief from the use of the medication, or if you are having any difficulties co-ordinating the releasing of the medicine and a deep breath, contact your physician.
  10. Special Instructions: Always store your inhaler with the cap on. Look in your inhaler for foreign objects prior to each use.
  11. Save your plastic mouthpiece. Refill units are available at a reduced cost.