Bipolar Disorder

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Vitamin D Supplementation and Bipolar Depression     Recruitment Closed

 Bipolar depression is well known to be difficult to treat. Many of the medications used can have unpleasant side effects. Finding a well tolerated and safe option that would decrease symptoms of depression in bipolar disorder would help many people. Vitamin D is often low in people with depression, including bipolar depression. Vitamin D supplementation has been shown in many studies to help reduce depression symptoms in people with non-bipolar depression.

The goal of this research is to see if Vitamin D supplementation in people with bipolar disorder is associated with improved mood, in particular less depression.

This study will monitor mood symptoms and Vitamin D levels over the course of 12 weeks.

Participants are:

· 25 to 70 years old

· Diagnosed with bipolar disorder

· Currently feeling down, sad, or depressed

· Low Vitamin D levels (evaluated by blood work at first study visit)

Participants will receive financial compensation as well study-related evaluations at no cost.

For more information, please contact the research study coordinator Jessica Penny at 774-455-4045 or Principal Investigator Wendy Marsh, M.D. at 508-856-5071.

Docket # H00000800


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