Services and Training

The UMass Addressing Tobacco Through Organizational Change (ATTOC) Consultation Service provides consultation, services, and ongoing support for agencies and organizations that are interested in learning how to initiate, improve, and or provide treatment for tobacco addiction, reduce tobacco addiction amongst employees, restrict or eliminate tobacco use on campus, and how to change their work environment to promote health and wellness.

In addition to hands-on trainings and supervision, the ATTOC team members conduct one-time didactic and conference presentations on various topics related to tobacco use and cessation, such as new and emerging tobacco products, psychosocial and pharmacotherapy treatments for tobacco addiction, peer support and community programs, and agency development of tobacco-free policies. We work with treatment and government agencies, academic institutions, and other conference organizers to prepare dynamic presentations that will best suit audience needs.  

Training and Presentation Options:

We offer competitive pricing based on time and effort and the level of expertise required to accommodate your agency/organization’s chosen menu options. During the initial consultation period we are able to work with you to create a scope of work that is based on both your agency/organization’s training and budgetary needs.