Ethics Committee

The Committee on Ethics:

1. Provides reviews and expertise to make recommendations to the Chair on ethical issues in the Department including the development of necessary policies
2. Oversees education and training across the Department on ethical issues in research and treatment
3. Provides consultation as appropriate to faculty and staff of the Department on ethical problems that they face

The Department’s Committee is not intended to have regulatory oversight for individuals and the appropriate UMMS and UMMHC committees will continue to manage these individual issues as they arise. The Department’s Committee will, as requested by the Chair or as the Committee deems necessary, provide advice and counsel to the Department on individual and group issues.

The Ethics Committee
Sheldon Benjamin, MD
Jean Frazier, MD
Jeffrey Geller, MD
Albert Grudzinskas, Jr., JD
Greg Januszewski, PsyD

Alison Trexler, MD
Kimberly Larson, JD, PhD
Charles Lidz, PhD (Chair)
Gilles Martin, PhD
Ellen More, PhD
Ekaterina Pivovarova, PhD


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