Welcome to China Connection

A program of UMass Department of Psychiatry

Shanghai China

Shanghai, China.

The UMass Department of Psychiatry's China Connection is building sustainable academic and research collaborations between mental health institutions and professionals in the United States and China. Through this initiative we are:

  • Leading the cross-cultural exchange and translation of knowledge among mental health care providers and researchers
  • Jointly developing tools and resources to help transform lives and improve the mental health and wellbeing of people in China – and everywhere
  • Advancing humankind’s understanding of a range of psychotic afflictions and disorders including addiction and schizophrenia

Our collaborations in China are evolving and expanding, thanks to members of our core group, including Xiaoduo Fan, MD, MPH, associate professor of psychiatry and director of the Psychotic Disorders Clinical & Research Program, and Nanyin Zhang, PhD, assistant professor at our Center for Comparative Neuroimaging, and Douglas Ziedonis, MD, MPH, professor and chair, UMass Department of Psychiatry.

Our partner institutions in China range from north(Tianjin Mental Health Center/Tianjin General Hospital/Tianjin Medical University) to south (The 2nd Xiangya Hospital/Central South University, Changsha, Hunan Province); from east (Shanghai Mental Health Center/Shanghai Jiaotong University) to west (West China Hospital/Sichuan University, Sichuan Province).

The China Connection program reflects the strong commitment that the University of Massachusetts Medical School has made to defining, promoting, and expanding the university’s role in China.