Psychiatry Grand Rounds Video Archive 2012 - 2013

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2012-13 Videos

June 20, 2013More Than a Summary: The Child Behind the Report
June 13, 2013Challenges in the Delivery of Mental Health Care to the Aging Population
June 6, 2013Teaching Psychodynamics in the 21st Century
May 30, 2013What Do We Know About Empathy and Addiction?
May 16, 2013The Brain on Stress: Role of Glucocorticoids in Protection and Damage Via Novel Mechanisms
May 2, 2013Aspects of Linguistic Competence in Culturally Informed Child Psychiatric Practice
Apr 18, 2013Digital & Online Tools To Enhance Weight Management Behavior Change
Apr 11, 2013Food Addiction, Compulsive Overeating and other Process Addictions such as Gambling and Sex: Shared Causal Mechanisms?
Apr 4, 2013Is This Clinical Research or a Quality Improvement Project? Assessing the Outcome of Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents.
Mar 28, 2013Tourette Syndrome: Then and Now
Mar 14, 2013Manic Delirium and Molecular Mimicry
Mar 7, 2013Developing a Futility Policy: The Ethics of Limitation of Care
Feb 28, 2013Recognition, Management and Monitoring of Opioid Addiction Among Chronic Pain Patients
Feb 14, 2013Benzodiazepines-The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Feb 7, 2013Early Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Challenges and Opportunities
Jan 31, 2013Striving for More Than a Cure: Child Mental Health-Centered Cancer Care Across the Lifespan
Jan 24, 2013Psychosis-like Symptoms in Latinos with Major Depressive Disorder: Criteria, Course and Treatment
Jan 17, 2013The Next Accreditation System for Graduate Medical Education
Jan 10, 2013    What Can the Brain Tell Us About Psychopathic Personality and Adolescent Substance Abuse?
Jan 3, 2013A Thoughtful Consideration of Psychodynamic Groups
Dec 20, 2012Psychiatrists' Relationships with the Pharmaceutical Industry: A Principal-Agent Perspective
Dec 13, 2012Across the Criminal Justice Continuum to Living in Community in Massachusetts: How and Why
Dec 6, 2012Trauma, Dissociation and "The Inner World"
Nov 29, 2012Randomized Controlled Trials and Applied Epidemiology in Intellectual Disabilities Mental Health: What Have We Learned and Implications for Practice
Nov 15, 2012The Fuzzy Boundaries Between Temperament/Personality Dimensions and Psychiatric Illness
Nov 8, 2012The Six Core Strategies©: How Recovery and Trauma-Informed Care Will Shape the Future of Inpatient Psychiatric Care in Massachusetts
Nov 1, 2012If Freud Could Twitter: Learning Psychodynamic Therapy in the 21st Century
Oct 25, 2012Psychiatry in a Postmodern Age
Oct 18, 2012In Becoming a Physician: Stresses and Strengths of Physicians in Training
Oct 11, 2012Preschool Depression: Parenting and Brain Development
Sep 27, 2012The Process and Pathophysiology of Psychological Decompensation
Sep 20, 2012Carve-outs and Care Integration in Medicaid: Are the Two Compatible?
Sep 6, 2012Open Dialogue and Recovery