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(NOTE:  Please see current status of this program here)

The Neuroscience and Mental Health Summer Internship is an opportunity for high school students to gain a short, but educational glimpse into different aspects of the medical field. Run by the Department of Psychiatry, students are exposed to varying aspects of mental health work. Individually assigned to a participating UMASS faculty advisor, the hope is that each student will be able to learn about the profession they eventually want to pursue. On a daily basis, each student will shadow his or her faculty advisor and several times a week, students will come together for organized workshops and guest speaker luncheons. Workshops are a way for students to learn about pressing issues to their age group. The format of these sessions extends past a classroom style and commonly takes the form of trivia games and role playing.

Having graduated 16 students, the program has welcomed the help of nearly 15 UMMS faculty as mentors in the program’s tenure. Now in its fourth year, this summer’s internship looks to be extremely successful.

Neuroscience and Mental Health Summer Internship Alumni

  Maxim Petrovsky 2013
  Rachel Madhur 2012
  Alex Kimble 2011
  Mark Lewandowski 2011
  Preeti Rangaraj 2011
  Lena Rosenblum 2011
  Suraj Subramanian 2011
  Veronica Shader 2011
  Roxanne Anderson 2010
  Britney Atwater 2010
  Raashika Goyal 2010
  Dana Marrone 2010
  Jasmin Martin 2010
  Christopher Zammitti 2010
  Michelle Ziedonis 2009
  Sasha Benitez 2009
  Victoria Wang 2009


CCNI Seminar Series
The CCNI seminar series invites external and internal UMMS faculty to give a hour presentation on varying topics in the neuroscience, including emotion regulation, ethics in research, neuroimaging, attention and learning, genetics, drug addiction. To date, presenters have been invited from within the UMASS consortium network (UMASS Amherst and UMASS Boston), Bedford Veterans Affairs, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Pennsylvania Medical School, University of Puerto Rico, and the University of Minho in Portugal. From within the UMMS faculty, we have hosted presenters from within the Department of Psychiatry, Department of Orthopedics, Department of Neurobiology, and Department of Neurosurgery. Two-fold in purpose, the seminar series is structured with the goal of expanding knowledge within the field of neuroscience and building collaborations both within and outside UMMS.

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