Living in Worcester

Located approximately 50 miles west of Boston in the heart of Massachusetts, Worcester is the second largest city in New England with a population of around 180,000.

Worcester has a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. The city is home to several libraries, public parks, museums and performing arts centers. Every year Worcester residents enjoy a host of annual events, including a variety of music and arts festivals, and a number of annual ethnic/cultural festivals. Worcester is also home to two professional sporting teams: the Worcester Tornadoes (in baseball’s Canadian-American League) and the Worcester Sharks (in hockey’s American Hockey League).

Worcester offers a wealth of educational opportunities for children. The city is proud to have one of the strongest urban public school systems in the state with numerous quality public elementary and secondary schools. Alternatively, many private and/or parochial elementary and secondary schools are located in the city.

Worcester is home to three biotech/pharmaceutical companies: Abbott Laboratories. Advanced Cell Technology and RXi Pharmaceuticals. For a listing of biotech and pharmaceutical companies in the state of Massachusetts, please see:

For more information about the city of Worcester, please see:,_Massachusetts

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