Program in Gene Function and Expression Rotation Projects

Program in Gene Function and Expression related labs with rotation projects available, as follows:

Primary Faculty  

  Dr. Michael Green, Ph.D.,M.D.    
        Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Cancer Molecular Biology    
  Dr. Usha Acharya, Ph.D    
        Molecular Genetics of Lipid Metabolism and Signaling    
  Dr. Ingolf Bach, Ph.D.    
        Neuronal Cell Fate Specification    
  Dr. Jennifer Benanti, Ph.D.    
        Regulation of Cell Growth and Division    
  Dr. Michael Brodsky, Ph.D.    
        Drosophila p53 and DNA Damage-Induced Apoptosis    
  Dr. Lucio Castilla, Ph.D.    
        Genetics of Leukemia, Mouse Models    
  Dr. Thomas Fazzio, Ph.D.        
        Chromatin Regulation in Stem Cells    
  Dr. Heinrich Gottlinger, Ph.D., M.D.    
        Molecular Biology of HIV-1    
  Dr. Paul D. Kaufman, Ph.D.    
        Assembly and Function of Eukaryotic Chromosomes    
  Dr. Nathan Lawson, Ph.D    
        Determining the Signals Responsible for Blood Vessel Development using Zebrafish    
  Dr. Brian Lewis, Ph.D.    
        Molecular Genetics of Pancreatic and Liver Cancers    
  Dr. Heidi Tissenbaum, Ph.D.    
        Dissecting Molecular Mechanisms of the Aging Process    
  Dr. Eduardo Torres, Ph.D.    
        Effects of Aneuploidy on Cellular Physiology and Cell Division    
  Dr. Yong-Xu Wang, Ph.D.    
        Transcriptional Control of Energy Metabolism and Metabolic Diseases by the Nuclear Receptor PPAR Subfamily    
  Dr. Scot Wolfe, Ph.D.    
        Creating Artificial DNA-Binding Domains for Targeted Gene Regulation and Gene Modification    
  Follow the instructions on the page in question to apply or get additional information on these openings.    




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