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Delivery is usually two to three weeks depending on the nature of the order.


Price "*" 

Peptide at 25µm 

$100 + $11/each amino acid 

Peptide at 50 µm 

$100 + ($11/each amino acid x 1.6) 

Peptide at 100 µm 

$100 + ($11/each amino acid x 2.2) 

Purification: Sep-Pak 


Purification: HPLC 


Amino Acid Analysis 




Gel Filtration 


Ion Exchange HPLC 


Mass Spec 

$50/peptide fraction

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* For external pricing add 10%
** 25μm ≈ 25mg of 10-mer
*** Order 20 or more peptides to get 10%

$100 off Peptide

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