UMass Memorial University Campus is the major pediatric referral hospital for Central Massachusetts, Northern Connecticut, and Southern New Hampshire.  It is also a community hospital for Worcester and is the only Level 1 trauma center serving both adults and children in New England. 

General Inpatient Service

Children admitted to the 41-bed general inpatient service present diagnostic and management problems ranging from basic to complex. All children are cared for by residents, with supervision and consultation by pediatric hospitalists, subspecialty pediatricians, pediatric surgeons, and pediatric surgical subspecialists. 

A full teaching schedule of rounds and conferences supplements the hands-on learning and supervised clinical experiences of the inpatient service. Medical students participate in the educational activities year-round and enhance the academic atmosphere. 

A team approach to patient care is strongly emphasized.  All members of the team, including attending physicians, nurses, residents, medical students, discharge planners, social workers, respiratory therapists, OT/PT specialists, as well as Chlid Life staff members work together in a mutually supportive environment to ensure comprehensive and outstanding patient care. 

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

The eleven-bed PICU/PICA is the only facility in Central Massachusetts that provide intensive care to children.  Residents provide patient care in the PICU under the supervision and guidance of critical care faculty in pediatrics and pediatric surgery.    Pediatric residents are responsible for both medical and surgical ICU patients.  Our housestaff gain experience in the care of medical ICU patients, trauma patients and surgical subspeciality patients.  Fundamental critical care knowledge, technical expertise and skills in the provision of psychosocial support to patients and families are fostered by the faculty and staff through supervised clinical care, rounds and conferences.  

NICU and Newborn Nursery

Located one mile from the University Campus, the Memorial Campus is the regional perinatal center.  It includes the UMass Memorial Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and features the area's only high risk obstetrical services with an active maternal transport program.  As a result, the majority of newborns admitted to the NICU are born at Memorial Campus, providing residents ample expereince in delivery room resuscitation and stabilization.  Additionally, residents do participate in the Newborn Transport Team, traveling to community hospitals to stabilize and transfer newborns in need of Level III NICU care. 

Our NICU is very proud of its warm environment and collaborative atmopshere.  Supervision in the NICU is provided by full time neonatologists who provide on-site 24/7 coverage.  Residents also enjoy working with neonatal nurse practitioners,  NICU fellows, NICU nurses, social workers, lactation consultants and child life specialists.  In the NICU family centered rounds are practiced, with most parents choosing to participate in rounds.

An active conference schedule takes place in the NICU.  There is a lecture series of core topics, journal club, ethics conference, among others.

During the nursery rotation, well newborn care is emphasized.  Residents work with a pediatric attending who directs the care of well newborns, gaining experience in the management of common newborn issues.  Furthermore, residents enjoy the experience of counseling families during the newborn period.

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