Program Personnel

The faculty in Pathology is a major strength with a wide range of backgrounds and subspecialty expertise. Each faculty member has a unique area of Pathology specialization and acts as a consultant for the program in developing and advancing the teaching in that subspecialty. Our residents also have a significant portion of their training in a large community based medical center - UMass Memorial - Memorial Campus, located only a mile from the University.


Dr. Zhong Jiang
Director, Residency Training Program  


Anatomic Pathology

Dr. Ali Akalin
Dr. Gamze Ayata
Dr. Theonia Boyd
Dr. Ediz Cosar  
Dr. April Deng
Dr. Andrew Fischer  
Dr. Armando Fraire
Dr. Rujing Han
Dr. Zhong Jiang     
Dr. Ashraf Khan     
Dr. Di Lu
Dr. Nader Morad
Dr. Manju L. Prasad
Dr. Kenneth Rock
Dr. Jerzy Sobota, MD
Dr. Thomas W. Smith
Dr. Francoise Truong
Dr. Matthew Turner
Dr. Bruce A. Woda
Dr. James Yang

 Clinical Pathology

George Behonick, Ph.D
Marzena Galdzicka, Ph.D.
Edward Ginns, MD/Ph.D.  
Anne Higgins, Ph.D.
Amanda Jenkins, Ph.D.
Charles Kiefer, PhD   
Patricia Miron, PhD
Michael Mitchell, MD  
Joseph Musto, MD
Liberto Pechet, MD    
Lokinendi Rao, PhD  
Habib Sioufi, MD
L. Michael Snyder, MD  
Guy Vallaro, MD
Mary Williamson, Ph.D. 
Neng Yu, MD

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