Clinical Faculty

Anatomic Pathology

Ali Akalin, MD
Cytopathology and Pulmonary Pathology

Ediz Cosar, MD

GU Pathology, Cytology and Molecular Diagnosis
Benjamin Chen, MD Assistant Professor
Gina Cunto-Amesty, MD Assistant Professor
April Deng, MD

Andrew Fischer, MD

Director of Cytopathology Fellowship Program
Armando Fraire, MD Neoplastic and non-neoplastic lung disease

Llyod Hutchinson, PhD

Molecular Diagnostic

Zhong Jiang, MD

GU Pathology
Director, Residency Program

Yao Tek Kaw, MD Clinical Associate Professor
Dina Kandil, MD Cytology and Surgical Pathology

Ashraf Khan, MD

Breast and Endocrine Pathology

Marie Lithgow, MD  
Yuxin Liu, MD, PhD  

Stephen Lyle, MD

Nader Morad, MD

Surgical Pathology, Renal Pathology

Patrick O'Donnell, DO  
Christopher Owens, MD Clinico-morphologic studies in aspiration and exfoliative cytology
Jerzy Sobota, MD Hospital Laboratories
Keith Tomaszewicz, BS  
Vijay K. Vanguri, MD Renal Pathology
Otto Walter, MD  
Xiaofei Wang, MD PhD  
Bruce A. Woda, MD Director, Anatomic Pathology
James Yang, MD

Surgical Pathology

Hongbo Yu, MD, PhD Director, Hematopathology, Hematopathology Fellowship Program, Flow Cytometry Laboratory


Clinical Pathology (Hospital Laboratories)

M. Rabie Al-Turkmani, PhD  
Marzena Galdzicka, PhD  
Edward Ginns, MD  
Anne Higgins, PhD
Cytogenetics, Molecular Cytogenetics
Amanda Jenkins, PhD
Charles Kiefer, PhD

Atheroscierosis: intitial reversible stages

Nichole Korpi-Steiner, Ph.D  
Patricia Miron, PhD


Michael Mitchell, MD
Microbiology Laboratories
Lokinendi Rao, PhD

Reproductive Biology, Endocrine-immune Interactions and Regulations

Habib Sioufi, MD

Clinical Pathology

L. Michael Snyder, MD

Cytoskeletal alterations during normal aging process;
Altering physician behaviors towards more appropriate use
Clinical laboratory services

Irma Szymanski, MD Professor Emeritus
Neng Yu, MD

HLA Labs



Robert Weinstein, MD

Transfusion Medicine

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