Optional Enrichment Electives

Students as Educators

This elective provides a formal curriculum for students seeking to become student educators at UMMS. The focus of this elective is on the teaching and learning process. It helps student acquire important knowledge and skills in these areas, toward enhancing their teaching skills. The elective includes interactive and inter-professional experiences, observations, discussions and debriefings, and topics such as learner assessment, procedures and clinical teaching, and giving feedback.

Students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned throughout the course to an end-of-course teaching experience in the simulation center or in the Doctoring and Clinical Skills (DCS) course, depending in the track selected. The course provides a pool of student educators for other Foundations of Medicine (FOM) courses in which students as educators are needed, and it is this group of students that is called upon for teaching opportunities as they arise (e.g., in the UMMS Simulation Center or DCS).

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