Optional Enrichment Electives

Eating Disorders: A Patient’s Perspective

This course addresses the nuances behind specific and less well-known aspects of eating disorders from the perspective of actual patients such as exercise anorexia, overeating and body image. This elective will bring a more complete patient-centered view so fellow students can be better prepared to face this issue when encountered in clinical rotations and beyond.  

Specific objectives include:

  • Understanding how patients feel about their treatment options
  • Understanding the path to recovery
  • Dispelling misconceptions about eating disorders and addressing the ones perpetuated by social media
  • Learning about overeating, exercise/sports anorexia and men’s eating disorders along with more traditional presentations of the diseases
  • Learning from patients how to best apply our knowledge in practice
  • Exposure to real life scenarios with patients currently undergoing treatment via site visits and/or patient presentations
  • Learning about the medical consequences and complications of eating disorders

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