Correctional Health

Correctional Health

The Correctional Health optional enrichment elective is directed at giving students a greater understanding of the basic principles of correctional health and unique health concerns for incarcerated populations, in both adult and youth correctional settings. The course aims to decrease stigma surrounding the correctional population and increase future providers' comfort at working with this population.

Special sessions will focus on the criminal justice system as a whole, including influences such as privatization of prisons and criminalization of drugs, and understanding basic research principles in a correctional setting. The course will also include sessions on providing healthcare to specific incarcerated populations, including adolescents, geriatric patients, and patients with psychiatric disorders. The course will culminate with a session on prisoner reentry, with an open discussion with a prior offender about his experiences while incarcerated and when he returned to society.

Please contact us with any questions regarding the course.

Jennifer Fishbein
Vanessa Rooney

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