Optional Enrichment Electives

Basic Skills for Working with Smokers: An Online Training Course for Health Professional Students (OE 917)

The purpose of this course is to prepare students in the health professions: to educate patients about the health risks of tobacco use; motivate those who seek treatment; and advise patients about basic treatment strategies, including pharmacotheraphy. Upon course completion, a student will be able to administer a brief intervention using the "5 As". The course provides an overview of the information and skills necessary to treat nicotine dependance.

The course includes two components. The first component is an eight-module online course that provides background on the health consequences of smoking, appropriate use of pharmacotherapy, and information about how to conduct a brief 5A intervention for patients who use tobacco. The second component is "putting the course into action" at the student's preceptor's office. The student also will observe the systems used in the preceptor's office for tobacco education and smoking cessation and complete an assessment of them.

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