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Patricia D. Franklin MD MBA MPH
CTR Pathway Director

Colleen J. Burnham MBA
Pathway Administrator
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Clinical Translational Research Pathway (CTRP)

What is Clinical Translational Research?

Clinical translational research is designed to speed the discoveries of basic science to patient care and involves both traditional researchers as well as practicing clinicians. The key differentiation between basic biomedical science and clinical translational research is that the latter must involve human subjects or physiological by-products (cells, blood, tumors etc.) from known patients.

How will participation in this pathway enhance my medical education experience and future practice?

Increasingly, practicing physicians are being called upon to recruit their patients from both hospital and community practices to participate in clinical translational research studies and contribute to learning how to better care for patients. This pathway assists its graduates to:

  • become leaders in combining a clinical and research career
  • learn skills needed to keep their practice base up-to-date with new evidence-based medicine
  • gain research experience often needed for competitive residency placement

Successful participation in the 4-year Clinical Translational Research Pathway (CTRP) culminates in receipt of a “Certificate of Training in Clinical Translational Research”, and notation of completion of this elective pathway on your official transcript. In addition, the pathway director will acknowledge student participation with a formal letter to the Office of the Dean.