Optional Enrichment Electives (OEE)

Optional Enrichment Electives are elective courses offered in addition to the regular, required and elective/selective curriculum, which the student elects to take. Contact information is listed with each course description.

Optional, unlike regular electives, in that the students may choose not to take any of them. Participation in these courses is mentioned in the MSPE and appears on the transcript by name of course, with two hash marks (##) in the grades column and the following notation on the transcript: ## Optional Enrichment Course. The student has elected this course in addition to the regular curriculum requirements. Participation requires approval by the Educational Policy Rules Committee in order to be so designated and appear on the transcript. Failure to complete course requirements results simply in the course not being listed on the student's transcript. It is not possible to fail such a course. 

See attached form for Approval and Proposal Process.