Student Research/Service Opportunities

PhD / MD Program

For students interested in careers in academic medicine and/or biomedical research, the PhD / MD program is an effective route for training as a physician-scientist. The PhD / MD program combines the educational curriculum of the School of Medicine and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences to provide a strong foundation.

The PhD / MD program has been developed to maximize integration between the medical and graduate school curricula. The program has a flexible design in recognition of the individual needs of the student. A special graduate program, Biomedical Sciences, was created specifically for PhD / MD students to enhance this flexibility. During the first two years, students take the standard School of Medicine curriculum, comprising the pre-clinical coursework and lab rotations. Following completion of the second year, students enter the graduate program on a full-time basis and complete all requirements for the PhD degree. Upon successful completion and defense of the PhD thesis, students then enter a program of required clinical rotations and electives tailored to match their academic needs and career goals, and intended to fulfill the requirements for the MD degree. The goal of the PhD / MD is to provide both strong clinical and research training.

For more information on the PhD/MD Program, please visit the School of Medicineweb site.