The UMMS Faculty NewsWire facilitates communication with the faculty-at-large at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMMS).

Communications Criteria:

  • The request is sponsored in whole or part by a UMMS department, program, center or organization (i.e. Student Body Committee)
  • Subject matter is appropriate for distribution to faculty-at-large (Note: if the announcement pertains to a broader audience – staff, students, & faculty – contact the Office of Communications for distribution at communications@umassmed.edu
  • If you have flyers, your department must upload them and send OFA the hyperlink to that resource. You may also provide hyperlinks to other webpages. File attachments for OFA to upload are not permitted
  • Faculty surveys for research purposes are not permitted


  • Title of subject matter  
  • Speaker Name (if relevant)
  • Deadline Date or Event Dates to be published / Time / Location
  • Name of Sponsoring Department(s)
  • 1 to 2 sentences describing the announcement or event (additional sentences only when absolutely necessary)
  • Submit with hyperlinks already set to online resources (i.e. posters or content)

Note: The OFA retains the right to edit or reject announcements as necessary


For a format example, click on most recent NewsWire

Posting Frequency

Announcents will be posted upon initial request, then one month from the date of the event, then one week from the date of the event. Exceptions will be made for Calls for Applications and Nominations.


• Submit requests by Friday noon for publication the following Monday morning.


• Email formatted requests to Faculty.Newswire@umassmed.edu 

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