Faculty Scholar Award

Pathway to Independent Research

Applications are now being accepted for the Faculty Scholar Award
Deadline to apply: November 13, 2014.

About the Award

The Faculty Scholar Award was developed by the Women’s Faculty Committee and the Women’s Leadership Work Group under the oversight of the Office of Faculty Affairs. The award is open to all qualified faculty (men and women).

The award is currently funded by UMMS, UMMHC, and the UMMS Clinical and Translational Science Center. These funds have enabled faculty on less traditional career paths to continue or initiate research as they work towards becoming independent scientists.

The award is an important element of our efforts to increase the diversity of faculty.

The Goal of the Award

The goal of the award is to support faculty to continue research and scholarly activities while they address a finite period of increased family care responsbilties.


Funding up to $30,000 can be used to support personnel, services, supplies, or ‘buy out’ of clinical time to provide time for academic / scholarly work.


All UMass Worcester faculty can apply provided they meet the eligibility requirements:

  • Non-tenure track or tenure track, but not yet tenured
  • Academically or professionally salaried
  • MD, PhD or equivalent advanced degree
  • Academic rank of Assistant or Associate Professor
  • UMMS faculty appointment for at least one year
  • Minimum 1/2 time benefited employee
  • Responible for care of children, partner, parent or other family member(s)

Evaluation Criteria

A review committee evaluates each applicant based on:

  • How effectively the award will address the applicant’s needs and benefit their progress
  • The quality of the applicant’s academic achievements and potential for future productivity
  • The probability of the project leading to receipt of external funding
  • Commitment of support by the Department Chair or Division Chief as demonstrated by protected time, space, and resources
  • Commitment of support by a mentor specifically related to the area of research
  • The strength of the letters of support

Application Components

Formatting - Font: Calibri, Font Size: 12pt., Margins: not less than .5.
Submit the application documents in one pdf, in order (Note: Letters of Support can be submitted separately):

  • Cover page, include only: Title of project, applicant’s name, department, faculty rank, office address, telephone and email address
  • Project plan (not to exceed 2 pages): Specific aims, significance, research or project design, preliminary or supporting data (if appropriate), numbers for any relevant approved IRB or IACUC protocols, references listed on a separate page with a notation of who your primary mentor is for research.
  • Current CV
  • Proposed budget and justification: Include a jusitification for each person listed on your budget, and note any resource contributions that are made toward your project (e.g. department funds or use of a core facility).
  • Personal Statement (not to exceed 1 page): that describes how the award would benefit your academic progress and assist with current family responsibilities. Also briefly outline yoru larger professional developmetn plan.
  • Letters of support: Department Chair or Division Chief – the letter should include statement of the department’s or division’s commitment to the applicant as demonstrated by protected time, space, and resources. The letter must also state that the Chair/Division Chief has read your proposal. Research Mentor - the mentor should be someone who works in your field of research. The letter should include a statement of the mentor's commitment to the  applicant as demonstrted by availability to mentor the applicant on a regular baiss. The letter must also include that the mentor has read the proposal.

Award Amount and Notification

All applicants will be notified of the results of the review process by e-mail. Awards are effective upon notification by the Office of Faculty Affairs and can be up to $30,000 for one year.

Follow Up Report and Survey

Award recipients must submit a written report within the month after completion of funding that includes the following. Instructions will be emailed along with the report form.