Sabbatical Leaves

Members of the academically-salaried faculty who have given the University at least six years of service are eligible for sabbatical leave. A sabbatical leave will be awarded only after review and evaluation of the merits of the individual leave proposal and the needs of the department and the school. Academically-salaried faculty employed by UMMHC may also apply but because the costs of these leaves must be borne by UMMHC the merit of the individual case must be evaluated by the chair and by the senior administration of UMMHC. All sabbatical requests are subject to the approval of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Dean. The policies and procedures for sabbatical leaves are described in Article 12 of the Academic Personnel Policy.

A request for sabbatical leave is initiated by a faculty member in a letter to the Department Chair (School of Medicine) or Dean of the Graduate School of Nursing. The faculty member must submit a completed Application for Sabbatical Leave and Approval Form for Faculty Applications of Leave.