Interprofessional Education Coordinating and Consultants

Interprofessional Coordinating Committee

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  • Tony Carruthers, PhD*, Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  • Deborah DeMarco, MD*, Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
  • Melissa Fischer, MD*, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education, SOM
  • Janet Hale, PhD, RN+, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, GSN
  • Michael Kneeland, MD+, Associate Dean of Allied Health and Interprofessional Education, SOM
  • Michele P. Pugnaire, MD*, Senior Associate Dean of Educational Affairs and Interim Director of the UMMS Simulation Center
  • Paulette Seymour-Route*, PhD, RN, Dean of the Graduate School of Nursing

+ IPEG Steering Committee Co-Chair
* IPEG Steering Committee Member

Consultations can be arranged to meet applicants’ specific needs in designing their projects. Consultants are available in such areas as research design, evaluation instrument development, standardized patients and simulation technology, as well as in content-specific areas.

The following individuals are available to assist with proposal development in their particular areas of expertise

Interprofessional Education Consultants

  • Michael Ennis, MD, Assistant Dean for Student Advising, SOM
  • David Hatem, MD, Co-Director of Learning Communities, SOM
  • Mary Ellen Lane, PhD, Assistant Dean of Curriculum, GSBS
  • Sarah McGee, MD, Associate Director of the UMMS Simulation Center
  • Scott Wellman, MD, Interim Assistant Dean for Academic Achievement
  • Christine Woolf, PhD, Education Specialist, SOM
  • Christine Worden, Educational Computing, Information Services, UMW Instructional Technology
  • Mary Zanetti, EdD, Senior Director of Institutional Research, Evaluation and Assessment