Facts and Figures

FY ’11 Funding and Revenue

State appropriation$45.9 million
State contracts*$29.6 million
Public Service**$670.5 million
Research (sponsored activity)$242.8 million
Sales and services***$84.7 million
Other revenue$91 million
Total$1164.5 million

FY ’10 Funding and Revenue

State appropriation$47.1 million
State contracts*$33.9 million
Public Service$593.80 million
Research (sponsored activity)$212.80 million
Sales and services$85.4 million
Other revenue$96.1 million
Total$1069.1 million

FY ’09 Funding and Revenue

 State appropriation$42.7 million
 State contracts*$42.6 million
 Public Service$507.1 million
 Research (sponsored activity)$182.3 million
 Sales and services$135.1 million
 Other revenue$68.6 million
Total$978.4 million

* Provide mental health and pediatric services for those who cannot afford private care.
** Public Service revenue of $670.5 million includes $216.1 million of PSP/MHP revenue.
*** Examples include UMassBiologics and New England Newborn Screening Program 
****Mass Life Sciences Capital revenue of $25.8 million not included.

Total Research Funding – Fiscal Year Ending

June 30, 2004$167,200,007
June 30, 2005$174,181,453
June 30, 2006 $175,085,967
June 30, 2007$174,505,488
June 30, 2008$193,645,273
June 30, 2009$204,634,908
June 30, 2010$255,314,898


Number of Faculty (including voluntary)3,046 
Basic science full- and part-time faculty308
Clinical full- and part-time faculty2,559
Nursing faculty179

School of Medicine

MD students457
MD/PhD students30

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

PhD students381
MD/PhD students29
Biomedical Engineering
& Medical Physics students
(joint program with WPI)
Clinical & Population Health Research students19
Master of Science in Clinical Investigation students8

Graduate School of Nursing

MS students43
Graduate Entry Pathway students88
PhD students26
Doctor of Nursing Practice9

Technology Management

For Fiscal Year200520062007200820092010
Invention Disclosures667479606668
U.S. Patent Applications936658585564
Licensing Agreements28326719114
Sponsored Research Agreements$993$1,238$3,097$2,595$1,0291,337
Licensing Revenue$27,694$25,545$40,684$36,484$71,48038,337
($ in thousands)

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