Melissa J. Moore, PhD


Melissa J. Moore, PhD
Professor and HHMI Investigator
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Co-Director, RNA and Neuro-therapeutics Institutes 
phone 508-856-8014
mail University of Massachusetts Medical School
368 Plantation Street
ASC, AS4-2049
Worcester, MA 01605

Faculty page:
Lab website:

Research in my laboratory encompasses a broad array of post-transcriptional gene regulatory mechanisms involving RNA and RNA-protein complexes. Projects with particular relevance to neurodegenerative disease and development of novel therapeutics for treatment of such disorders include: (1) Elucidation of the mechanisms underlying maintenance of protein homeostasis for the RNA-binding proteins FUS/TLS and TDP-43, both of which have been directly implicated as causative agents of ALS and other neurodegenerative disorders; (2) Investigation into the effects on translation kinetics and mRNA stability imparted by extended trinucleotide repeats (e.g., the CAG repeats associated with Huntington's disease) within mRNA open reading frames; (3) Use of cell based screens to identify small molecules that modulate RNA metabolism.


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