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DNP drug users risk ‘literally baking to death,’ Boyer tells Reuters

Edward Boyer, MD, PhD, explains to Reuters how the drug DNP, or 2,4-Dinitrophenol, breaks the body’s cycle of making and storing energy and instead releases it as heat.

Expert's Corner video: Are annual pelvic exams for healthy women necessary?

Dawn Tasillo, MD, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology, weighs in on new guidelines from the American College of Physicians that say healthy women do not need annual pelvic exams.

UMMS study: Postpartum depression more prevalent among mothers with disabilities

Women with disabilities are at a greater risk of experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression than women without disabilities, reveals a new study co-authored by researchers in UMass Medical School’s Commonwealth Medicine division. Monika Mitra, PhD, a faculty researcher in the Center for Health Policy and Research, lead the UMMS research team.

Expert’s Corner: Maria Garcia on opioid addiction

As Massachusetts confronts an opioid abuse crisis, Maria Garcia, MD, associate professor of medicine, says clinicians need to assist patients addicted to the powerful drugs by supporting both their physical and mental health needs.

New medical research targets best time for joint replacement surgery

New data from a joint replacement monitoring program and database at UMass Medical School shows there is an ideal time for typical patients to get the most out of a hip or knee replacement and that waiting too long will reduce the benefits of surgery. 

Medical Economics: Steinberg’s practice is textbook example of patient-centered medical home

Judith Steinberg of UMass Medical School’s Commonwealth Medicine division describes successful patient-centered medical home practices that are transforming health care in a Medical Economics cover story.

Key role for pharmacists in stemming opioid abuse crisis

New recommendations on how pharmacists should manage opioid prescriptions are expected to be released by Gov. Deval Patrick’s Opiate Emergency Task Force this month, and Paul L. Jeffrey, PharmD, pharmacy director at Commonwealth Medicine and an active participant on the task force, said pharmacists will embrace the suggestions.
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Maloney, Pagoto weigh in on new tanning bed regs in New York Times

UMass Medical School’s Mary Maloney, MD, and Sherry Pagoto, PhD, explain the impact of a new decision by the FDA to require strict warning labels on tanning beds in a May 30 New York Times article.

Understanding how alcohol consumption impacts breast cancer risk

Alcohol research expert Pranoti Mandrekar, PhD, and cancer researcher and clinician JeanMarie Houghton, MD, PhD, have been awarded an exploratory and developmental grant from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to establish a mechanistic link between alcohol consumption and human breast cancer.

UMMS first to develop evidence-based diet for inflammatory bowel disease

A new diet developed by a team of scientists led by Barbara Olendzki at UMass Medical School could significantly improve the lives of the millions of adults and children suffering from inflammatory bowel disease.

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