UMMS health strategist talks to Boston Globe on government shutdown’s impact on health care reform

By Jennifer Rosinski

UMass Medical School Communications

October 01, 2013

UMass Medical School’s Jay Himmelstein, MD, MPH, was featured in a Boston Globe story about the impact of the government shutdown on the launch of new health insurance marketplaces under the Affordable Care Act. Dr. Himmelstein, professor of family medicine & community health, is chief health policy strategist for UMass Medical School’s Center for Health Policy and Research, a unit within Commonwealth Medicine. He is also a senior advisor to the School’s Office of Health Policy and Technology.

“This is a distraction to people, and threatens the ability to reach out to those who can really benefit from enrollment,” Himmelstein said in the Oct. 1 Globe story. “A lot of people think the bill has either been repealed or will be repealed imminently, so why should they take the time to invest in learning about something that is going away?”

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