Harlan in Financial Times on tackling diabetes

November 16, 2012

In a special section on diabetes, the Financial Times looks at some unique methods being deployed in the United States to combat diabetes. One article focuses on a reality-TV show featuring pre-diabetics as they go through a diabetes prevention program. The video-on-demand program, which was conceived as a tutorial for patients, is part of efforts to extend delivery of diabetes prevention and slow the spread of a disease.

Commenting in the article on the pervasiveness of obesity in the United States and the rise in patients with diabetes, David Harlan, MD, co-director of the Diabetes Center of Excellence, the William and Doris Krupp Professor in Medicine and professor of medicine, told the Financial Times, “It’s easy to say that we’re eating more and exercising less, but the cultural societal factors promoting that are not well understood. It’s very complex.”

Read the article “Size of problem requires mass awareness-raising” in the special section: Combating Diabetes