Newsmaker: Castle on tissue expansion trial for mastectomy patients

By Lisa M. Larson

UMass Medical School Communications

July 02, 2012
   John Castle, MD

John Castle, MD, clinical assistant professor of surgery and plastic surgery director at the UMass Memorial Comprehensive Breast Center, was interviewed by the Worcester Telegram & Gazette about a new clinical trial for breast  reconstruction after mastectomy. The randomized, controlled clinical study is designed to directly compare the outcomes of the traditional saline tissue expansion method to an investigational, remote-controlled, needle-free, tissue expansion system known as The AeroForm Patient Controlled Tissue Expander System.


Dr. Castle’s first patient enrolled in the study, Joan Greffrath of Worcester, told the Telegram she was pleased with the results.

“When you become a cancer patient, a great deal of what you control is taken away,” Greffrath said. “It is refreshing to gain access to some control again. Clearly the AirXpander and the technology has been an unforgettable gift which I hope will be available to all women facing (breast) reconstruction.”

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