Expert’s Corner: Gitkind on the use of weight-loss medication

By Bryan Goodchild and Mark Shelton

UMass Medical School Communications

April 27, 2012

In this Expert’s Corner, Mitchell J. Gitkind, MD, clinical associate professor of medicine and surgery, talks about new weight loss uses for two familiar pharmaceuticals, phenteramin and topiramate. Dr. Gitkind, who is the medical director for the UMass Memorial Weight Center, is a well-known expert on medical and surgical management of obesity.

Gitkind offers insight into the risk factors and treatment issues involved when prescribing weight loss medications to people with serious weight issues.

“With any intervention, be it lifestyle-based, surgical or medication-associated, the people who get great long-term results are the people who are making the biggest changes and doing the best job sticking with them,” said Gitkind.