The many perspectives of a medical student

Art exhibit showcases the creative side of these future physicians

By Ellie Castano

UMass Medical School Communications

March 28, 2012
   Photo by Shadi Miri, SOM ’12

The medical students who study at UMass Medical School are many things—scientists, activists, parents, inventors, entrepreneurs—and, in some cases, artists. The Lamar Soutter Library will showcase the artwork of some of these students in the upcoming installment of the Artist in Residence Series, which opens on Wednesday, March 28, and runs through Wednesday, May 9. There will be a reception on Thursday, April 19, beginning at 5 p.m.

The students represented in the Student Art Exhibit are:

  • Oksana Babchenko, ’14, whose favorite medium is watercolor because, “Watercolor mistakes cannot be easily erased or painted over with white, and thus the only choice is to like them.”
  • Marcos Bachman, ’15, who is showing photography of the New York skyline, taken from the perspective of his shared Queens apartment when he was an AmeriCorps volunteer.
  • Sara Barmettler, ’12, who will be exhibiting photos that capture the “intersection of water and mountains/land forms.”
  • John Cao, ’15, whose photography is inspired by “life in motion, the dopaminergic thrill of exploration.”
  • Nathalee Kong, ’13, who is showing pencil drawings of still life objects or photographs, which she has been creating since high school.
  • Shadi Miri, ’12, whose photos taken while in India reveal “a moment in a person’s daily routine” that captures “the subtlety of despair this developing nation faces.”
  • Cara Weinstein, ’15, who is showing photos that have “a strong feminine presence” and encourage viewers to see something ordinary from “an unexpected perspective.”

The artwork will be on display on the first floor of the library. For additional information about this exhibit and the Artist in Residence Series, contact Nancy Linnehan at or visit the Lamar Soutter Library website.

Slideshow: A sample of the artwork in the Student Art Exhibit