Power in numbers

Three Schools Committee aims to become ‘organizational force’

By Ellie Castano

UMass Medical School Communications

November 14, 2011
The Three Schools Committee, from left, Susan Hernandez, Alison Casserly, Sean Smirnov, Nicole Peace, Brian Quattrochi and Michelle Dubuke.

Hoping to increase the impact of interschool collaboration, the Three Schools Committee is expanding its outreach this year. The TSC was formed in 2006 by the Student Body Committee to enhance communication and interaction between students enrolled in all three schools. This year, the members of the committee (see sidebar) are committed to that original goal and then some.

“The TSC has in the past been responsible for organizing a winter social event and warm clothing drive on campus, but there is even more that we can be doing as an institution, both socially and through service,” said Brian Quattrochi, GSBS student and TSC representative. “Our vision for the coming year is to set the tone for the future of the TSC as a powerful organizational force on campus.”

Three Schools Committee representatives
Alison Casserly (SOM)
Michelle Dubuke (GSBS)
Susan Hernandez (GSN)
Nicole Peace (GSN)
Brian Quattrochi (GSBS)
Sean Smirnov (SOM)

The committee’s first event of the academic year will be a reception for students and faculty with catered food and drink on Friday, Nov. 18, from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Lazare Research Building. The event is an opportunity to not only meet and socialize, but also to learn more about the TSC and a variety of ongoing community service drives. In a show of support for the TSC, GSBS Dean Anthony Carruthers, GSN Dean Paulette Seymour-Route and SOM Associate Dean Melissa Fischer will be present at the reception, as will Kola Akindele of the Office of Community and Governments Relations and student representatives of GSBS Cares.

The Nov. 18 event will also serve as the kick-off to the annual Three Schools Committee warm clothing drive, an annual tradition that benefits Abby’s House. GSBS Cares will also have collection bins for its Thanksgiving Food Drive, which concludes on Nov. 28.

“While community service is one of the central components of the TSC’s mission, we’d like to emphasize that we want as many students and faculty as possible to come to our November 18 event, whether or not they are interested in community service,” said Quattrochi. “As an institution, we can only work together if we understand and interact with each other regularly, and so the first step has to be a meeting and making of friends.” For additional information, send an email to Brian Quattrochi at brian.quattrochi@umassmed.edu.

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