News Makers 2014

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  • 09 - 01 - 14

    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge at UMass Medical School, Zitzewitz, Bosco, Landers, Bilsel

    Prior to taking the Ice Bucket Challenge Jill A. Zitzewitz, PhD, associate professor of biochemistry and molecular pharmacology; Daryl A. Bosco, PhD, associate professor of neurology; John Landers, PhD, professor of neurology, and Osman S. Bilsel, PhD, research associate professor of biochemistry and molecular pharmacology explain how their research at UMMS is bringing scientists closer to finding a cure for ALS.
    IPS Cell Therapy

  • 09 - 01 - 14

    Boomer Health: Is ALS breakthrough imminent?

    An article about the Ice Bucket Challenge and funds raised for ALS research references the clinical trial at UMMS.
    The Palm Beach Post

  • 09 - 01 - 14

    Will money raised from Ice Bucket Challenges yield cure for ALS?

    Chair and Professor of Neurology Robert H. Brown, Jr. explains how donations raised from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge social media campaign will aid the latest research to find a cure for ALS.
    Boston Globe
    New York Daily News