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  • 12 - 18 - 14

    Padlock Therapeutics Secures $23 Million Series A Financing Led by Atlas Venture

    Padlock Therapeutics, a biotechnology company dedicated to creating new medicines for destructive autoimmune diseases co-founded by Paul R. Thompson, PhD, professor of biochemistry and molecular pharmacology, announced that the company raised $23 million in a Series A financing led by Atlas Venture.
    Herald Online

  • 12 - 17 - 14

    Massachusetts Gives $1M for Quicker Ebola Test

    UMass Medical School is among a consortium of research institutions, led by Diagnostics For All, that are working to develop a rapid diagnostic test for Ebola. Such testing will make a ‘huge difference in the treatment in West Africa, ’ according to Ebola survivor and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine & Community Health Rick Sacra, who spoke at the State House press conference about the project.
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette
    Boston Globe
    Lowell Sun
    Boston Herald

  • 12 - 16 - 14

    College crunch time: Studying for finals

    Barry N. Feldman, PhD, assistant professor of psychiatry, talks about the stress students who are studying for finals experience and the importance of watching for signs of anxiety. 
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 12 - 16 - 14

    Massachusetts doctor cured of Ebola returning to Liberia

    Rick Sacra, MD, assistant professor of family medicine & community health, announced that he will be returning to Liberia in January.
    Huffington Post
    Associated Press
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette
    WBZ Boston
    Star Tribune
    TWC Central
    NBC News

  • 12 - 16 - 14

    National Academy of Inventors names Phillip d. Zamore, PhD, 2014 fellow

    Phillip D. Zamore, PhD,  Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, the Gretchen Stone Cook Chair in the Biomedical Sciences and professor of biochemistry & molecular pharmacology, was named a 2014 Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, a high professional distinction accorded to academic inventors who have demonstrated a prolific spirit of innovation. 
    Phys Org
    GoLocal Worcester

  • 12 - 15 - 14

    Expert: Mental health, smoking linked

    Douglas M. Ziedonis, MD, MPH, chair and professor of psychiatry, is quoted in an article about the link between tobacco use and mental health. 
    Sentinel & Enterprise

  • 12 - 15 - 14

    In nursing homes, statins often continued in advanced dementia

    Nursing home residents with advanced dementia often receive medications of questionable benefit with costly consequences, according to a study by Jennifer Tjia, MD, MSCE, associate professor of quantitative health sciences.
    Medical Xpress

  • 12 - 15 - 14

    The general anaesthetic that led to British socialite leaping to her death

    An article about a women who suffered from extreme postoperative delirium and ended her life, references a study led by Jane Saczynski, PhD, assistant professor of medicine, which showed that older heart patients who experience confusion after surgery take longer to recover cognitive skills.
    Mail Online

  • 12 - 14 - 14


    Judson A. Brewer, MD, PhD, associate professor of medicine, talks about mindfulness with 60 Minutes correspondent Anderson Cooper. The segment also features interviews with Center for Mindfulness founder Jon Kabat-Zinn, and mindfulness practitioner and neuroscientist Jean King, PhD, professor of psychiatry and associate provost for biomedical science research.
    60 Minutes

  • 12 - 12 - 14

    Cilia Seem Harmless, But Scientists Say They May Be Source of Many Genetic Diseases

    George B. Witman, PhD, professor of cell and developmental biology, describes how cilia, hairlike structures on cells, may play a role in a host of genetic disorders, including kidney degeneration, vision impairment and even some cancers.
    Scientific American

  • 12 - 12 - 14

    Confronting the opiate "epidemic" in Worcester County

    Michael P. Hirsh, MD, professor of pediatric surgery, chief of pediatric surgery & trauma and Worcester’s interim commissioner of public health, talks about the health crisis newborns of heroin-addicted mothers experience to a panel gathered yesterday to discuss the opiate epidemic in Worcester County. 
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  • 12 - 12 - 14

    Gene therapy startup Voyager announces manufacturing partnership with MassBiologics

    Voyager Therapeutics has entered into a strategic collaboration with UMass Medical School’s MassBiologics for viral vector manufacturing.
    Boston Business Journal

  • 12 - 10 - 14

    Ebola Fighters From Massachusetts Weigh in as TIME's Person of the Year

    Steven C. Hatch, assistant professor of medicine, and Rick Sacra, MD, assistant professor of family medicine & community health, talk about Time Magazine recognizing the efforts of those combating the Ebola outbreak by naming them Person of the Year.
    Worcester News Tonight
    Worcester Telegram & Gazette
    KMTV Channel 3
    Fox News Boston

  • 12 - 09 - 14

    Special K, a Hallucinogen, Raises Hopes and Concerns as a Treatment for Depression

    Anthony Rothschild, MD, professor of psychiatry, is quoted in an article about the potential use of ketamine, a dangerous hallucinogenic, to help patients who haven’t responded to traditional treatment for depression.
    New York Times
    Business Insider

  • 12 - 04 - 14

    Hartland Scientist Awarded $3 Million To Continue Genetic Research

    Victor R. Ambros, PhD, professor of molecular medicine, talks about his 2015 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences award for his co-discovery of a new world of genetic regulation by microRNAs. 
    The Vermont Standard

  • 12 - 04 - 14

    Medical Registry Costs Cut Both Ways

    David Ayers, MD, the Arthur M. Pappas, MD, Chair in Orthopedics and chair and professor of orthopedics & physical rehabilitation, talks about the  Function and Outcomes Research for Comparative Effectiveness in Total Joint Replacement (FORCE-TJR) registry, used to collect information to measure the success of joint replacement surgery.
    Health Leaders Media

  • 12 - 04 - 14

    Microbiome: The bacterial tightrope

    Gyongyi Szabo, MD, PhD, professor of medicine, vice chair of the Department of Medicine and associate dean for clinical and translational sciences, is quoted in an article about new findings that show imbalances in gut bacteria may play a crucial role in the progression of liver cancer. 

  • 12 - 04 - 14

    Sex differences: Luck of the chromosomes

    In an article about whether being a male or female has any influence on a person’s susceptibility to cancer includes comments from Gyongyi Szabo, MD, PhD, professor of medicine, vice chair of the Department of Medicine and associate dean for clinical and translational sciences. 

  • 12 - 01 - 14

    Holiday Tastes: Baker Beware! Your Holiday Spice Rack Is Hosting A Dangerous Poison

    Edward Boyer, MD, PhD, professor of emergency medicine, is quoted in an article about nutmeg poisoning.
    Headlines & Global News

  • 12 - 01 - 14

    The New Genetics of Schizophrenia

    Evgeny I. Rogaev, PhD, professor of psychiatry, talks about a study of people with schizophrenia which found 83 potential gene locations for the disease which will allow researchers to pursue new theories about what causes schizophrenia and how to treat it.
    Everyday Health